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Sourcefire Vulnerability Research Team Labs

VRT Labs is an undertaking by the Sourcefire VRT. All materials contained on this site were authored by members of the VRT. They are presented here to benefit the Snort user community and those interested in Intrusion Detection, Exploit Development and IT Security in general.

The links in the menu on the left of the page should be self explanatory. Just in case, here is an overview of what you can find in each section.


Contains tools that are downloadable

Web Tools

Online services, like the Shared Object Rule generator

Mind Games

Puzzles and exercises designed to stretch your mind. You can find the Advanced Windows Buffer Overflow exercises here along with some resources to aid in exploit development.


Papers and presentations written by various team members and presented at conferences around the world.

Snort Rule Documentation

Download the current Snort Rule Documentation package here.

Last updated: 2012-01-10

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About the Sourcefire Vulnerability Research Team

The Sourcefire Vulnerability Research Team (VRT) is a group of leading edge intrusion detection and prevention experts working to discover, assess and respond to the latest trends in hacking activity, intrusion attempts and vulnerabilities. This team is also supported by the vast resources of the open source Snort community, making it the largest group dedicated to advances in network security industry.

All materials contained on this site © Sourcefire VRT